There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.” Neil Gaiman

I’m moving forward with the daily Mood Image idea, and my mood tonight was fragile. I made it to my meeting to find that the other co-secretary was already at the controls for the night, and for a brief moment… I felt fragile. My eyes even started to get a tad misty, as my mind wandered—worrying that he was going to take over the position forever—and consider me to be the secretary to the secretary.

Of course, it was pointless worry and the issue was resolved almost immediately, but it made me realize how important this service is to me. I’ve been going to this particular meeting for almost two years now, and this is the group who helped pulled me from the pit, so to speak. And I love the other co-secretary dearly, so don’t get me wrong… the situation caught me off guard. So… there you have it.

The mood of the day is FRAGILE.

The image is from a few days ago. I shot it just for fun, and when I thought of fragility, it came to my mind—especially since the web disappeared the day after the photo was taken, due to the rains.


    1. Oh goodness I love you. I was just thinking of texting you and thought it might be too early! ❤❤


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