The Devil’s Wrath

Why do you follow Jesus?
An unbeliever asked.
Because I’ve met the devil!
(though his face was often masked)

I followed him through darkness,
lost my soul to his wicked schemes.
Fooled by his deceitful lies.
lost my heart, my mind, my dreams!

Death was all around me,
the stench was in the air.
I held my breath, and with all my might,
cried GOD, are you not there?!

I saw a light come trickling in,
and a path to set me free.
I heard His soft voice whispering
I’m here, come look, come see.

I’ve come to save the sinners,
and you are now safe with me.
Just believe, and keep me close,
your protector I’ll always be.

I prayed for Him to make me strong,
so that I could be set apart.
But God had other plans, you see…
He was softening my heart.

All my fears eroded,
His water filled my cup.
He stands beside me ever more,
and my head is lifted up.

I’ve so far yet to travel,
upon this narrow path.
But Jesus goes before me now,
and I’m free of the devil’s wrath.

—Endless Rivers—

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