Lucid Dreams




I had one last image that I wanted to try before I take a break from illustrator. I’ll resume after Christmas with some new ideas. Hopefully.

I got interested in this stained glass window look because I made a piece for my best friend, who is also a hairdresser. The image I made for her is of Rapunzel, and her braided hair is flowing down from the balcony wrapped in flowers—and two butterflies are fluttering near her shoulder.

My friend’s sister died over ten years ago—when she was about to turn 40—and now whenever my friend sees butterflies she’s reminded of her. Hopefully this poster will make her salon feel magical. I just sent it off to the printer today, so fingers crossed it’s done before Christmas.

I would share it, but it’s a really large poster and I’m afraid the lines would be lost by the time the shrunken image reached a cellphone screen. Some things only work in person. I think tonight’s image works great for the Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. As soon as I saw the word MAD I knew where to go with it.

That’s about all for now. Have a wonderful day or evening everyone…

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Mad & Sane

House of Joy

Hidden in the sticks,

Forbidden love, house of tricks,

Lonely man finds joy.

I’m sorry. A little rough around the edges there, but what the hell. Couldn’t resist. I’m finding solace in humor and lightheartedness these days. Anyway… this is a recycled image from the old copper mining town of Jerome (Arizona), once known as the “wickedest town in the west.” Today it is home to about 450 residents (many of them artists) and it’s a fun tourist attraction that I had the pleasure of visiting. My haiku is a bit literal, as the building shown really WAS a bordello back in the day. Now it houses a quaint little gift shop.

That’s about all for now. Peace & Love, and may your day be a great one!

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Stick & Trick