Stacking the Deck

Cards in her favor,

Aces and Kings, up her sleeve,

The Queen wins the game.

I wanted to try something unusual tonight… and I went with the flow rather than focusing on the aesthetics of my illustration. I tried to keep it basic and then went wild with the effects. I’m finding it very hard to make hands, so I hid hers completely. It looks like maybe the Aces and Kings are actually under her armpit rather than up her sleeve, but who cares?

It’s an attempt at some kind of modern cubism, inspired by a painting that I believe is by Georgy Kurasov. When I saw the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: King and Queen, it occurred to me that it looks a bit like a playing card, so I went with the stacked deck theme and I think it all fell together perfectly!

It may look a bit cloudy on a small device, but the details of the effect come out when it’s on a larger screen. It’s also reminiscent of my old stained glass idea – with a twist.

That’s about all for now. No thoughts tonight. It’s late, and all is well.

Have a beautiful week!