Embracing It

I’m super excited for the “E” word – Embrace – because I thought about it a lot today and I’m totally ready to embrace it. Ha! Of course, my first ideas were of a romantic couple in each other’s arms, or two friends, or even a mother and a child.

Then my thoughts went to “embracing who you are,” and I decided to go with that particular theme for my illustration. I used two different models / inspirational images, and when I put the two together they resulted in a form that was a bit out of proportion.

I was going to work on it longer to achieve a shape that was a little more perfect when I realized that embracing who you are has NOTHING to do with perfection. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s quite the opposite.

Another dilemma that came up when I was working on the illustration was the fact that the model image I used had no place for boobs.

I thought about it, and one solution was to cover her with clothes. Then it occurred to me that embracing who you are isn’t about being ashamed of how you look, either.

I decided it would be cool to add an interesting tattoo instead – like the girl is embracing her tattoo.

Then I wasn’t sure if the one that I chose (which is a weird vine of sorts) was the best that I could do. But in going with the whole “embrace it” theme, I realized that second guessing myself is SO tiring, so why not just embrace my ideas rather than finding ways to complicate them.

So maybe embracing who you are can be extended a little further… to embracing “what is.” I liked where all of this thinking was leading me because I was beginning to feel pretty zen!

I can still look at the image and see all sorts of things that I could improve, but that’s OK. It is what it is, and I think I like it.

So, what I really discovered this evening was the fact that “embracing” something is kind of like a step beyond acceptance.

Acceptance says… “Fine. If things HAVE to be this way, then so be it. I’ll accept it even though it’s not really ideal.”

Embracing it says… “YES! Things may not be perfect but I will embrace how they are and I will use whatever I’ve been given in so many awesome ways!”

So, yeah, I think embrace means so much more than two people hugging. I’m glad that I dilly dallied today… and took some time to think about it. That’s about all for now.

I’ll see you soon for the letter “F.” Until then… Peace & Love!

“Embrace uncertainty. some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later”

Bob Goff


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