Here’s my latest female project!

It’s based on a Bazaar magazine cover featuring Bella Hadid (original below). Not much was left to my imagination, but my focus right now is on shading and highlights – and I was really happy about her nose.

I was able to do the middle highlight of it and literally watch the nose come forward out of the page – so that was exciting for me!!

I’ve worked on this for about a week or two, off and on, and I’m finding that slowing down to try new techniques out makes the experience much more rewarding. I had a real hard time with her hair so I opted to cover it with something resembling a head wrap, and I added a slight oil paint look in Photoshop because I wanted the lines to be softer.

I’m happy that I’m still enjoying (and content with) the female art – it’s a great creative outlet – and I’m about ready to map out a one year plan to get (semi) fit, so wish me luck!! It’s not a diet or super strategic exercise plan… I just know that I sit too much (which is not healthy) so it’s something to get my heart moving a little.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. I hope you enjoyed the latest illustration… thank you for checking it out!!



  1. Wow, this is great! I think I prefer your drawing to the original photo. The photo is merely a nicely executed portrait shot, but the drawing adds more atmosphere and mystery, especially with those eyes and the head wrap / turban.

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