Lost at Sea

A Haiku

Darkness spreads its veil,

As far as the eyes can see,

Lights flicker, then hide.

I’m still at an impasse on the story. In an effort to keep myself occupied and amused, I thought I’d work on something else.

I created the sailboat in Illustrator, using another Image that I’d found as my guide, but then I stumbled on the haiku challenge and decided to invert it – changing it from day to night. It kind of reminds me of one of those old black light posters.

The haiku is metaphorical – in a sense – because negative or depressing thoughts can take people over at times, and the experience could be compared to getting lost in a sea of darkness (kind of like poor Larry).

Sorry if you already figured that out… maybe I’m just typing my thoughts out here for my own record. It’s fun to revisit old posts now and then and the notes help me answer the question: “What in the hell was I thinking?” Ha-ha!

I’ve been getting a little frustrated because my interest in things sways like a pendulum. Like the stories I’ve been writing. I obsess for a few days, or weeks, and then I shift into some new mood and I can’t even begin to focus on them.

Sometimes I think it’s God – or my own conscious – telling me that it’s time to stop fiddling around and actually DO something. Something that matters. I don’t know.

I think that’s actually something to think about with the stories, because – as I’ve said – I get off-track from my original idea (which is usually something meaningful) and start having too much fun goofing around with the personalities of my characters.

Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but it takes me far away from my original story idea and then I have to choose whether I want to just keep having fun, or turn around and find the road back to the meaningful part of the story. What I need to find is a way to do both. I think I’d like to take a writing class (another note to self).

Anyway, enough of my thoughts for today. My attention span has wandered… and it’s time to move on.

Thank you for reading or stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the image and haiku!!

Peace & Love!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Flicker & Eyes.


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