In the Pits

The Man Upstairs

A Fictional Series


I’ll tell you one thing, this country is going to hell in a handbasket. Back in my day, folks knew right from wrong; they had morals. Now they just go about – doing whatever it is they want to do – without a care in the world. They have no conscience.

I’ll tell you something else. Here I was thinking it was just these youngins who’d lost their way, but that tenant upstairs is no better. I heard Stan telling Jack that the old man stayed over at Carla’s place the other night. Good God. He’s old enough to be her grandfather. A man his age should know better!

That newborn of hers was making a real racket a couple of nights ago, too. I nearly had the mind to go and set her straight, but my back was flaring up again, and the painkillers were kickin’ in, so I must have dozed off. 

I could’ve sworn I heard people out there talking, or some kind of ruckus going on, but I figured it was just a dream. On account of the painkillers and all. That must’ve been the night those two were cavorting. I knew I heard something! I should’ve listened to my gut. 

If that ain’t enough, I caught the old guy going into Stan’s place yesterday afternoon. Only thing Stan’s ever up to is no good. What’s he doing going there? Scoring grass or something? I figured the new guy might be inclined to see things my way – on account of his age and all – but he’s no different than the rest of ’em. 

I should’ve left this crappy mess of a building when I had the chance. Not that anywhere else is any better. Evil’s everywhere, not just at Fourth and Main. Way I see it, there’s nothing I can do about things, either. It is what it is, and I’ll be stuck in this here pit until it’s my time to go. 


I thought I’d come back with a little more emphasis on the perspectives objective. I’ve even used my image to highlight Larry’s mindset. Fourth and Main isn’t really that bad – it’s just how it looks in Larry’s mind, because of his negative perspective.

It was going to be Carla’s turn to talk, but it seemed to be too soon for any real revelation about the Man Upstairs and what he’s all about. So, I wanted to get into the other character’s depictions of him before we hear some of the truths.

For the image, I recycled my illustration of Larry – the one who was watching the world burn last time – and I placed him in a real photograph that I found to create a composite of sorts.

What’s funny is that when I found this photograph, I realized I had used the same exact one for a Photoshop class that I took – when I had to create a magazine cover. I have some weird love for dilapidated buildings. Oh, the stories they could tell – if walls could talk.

I know this one was a bit of a downer – but that’s Larry’s perspective for you. Rather than the fact that he’s simply a negative guy with multiple complaints, I’m hoping that his story segments can also convey his despair. Hopelessness is no fun, no matter where it comes from or which way you spin it.

It’s interesting to do these different personalities because I take a lot of it from people I’ve talked to throughout life – friends, family, strangers – and even from my own thoughts. I can even see a little of me in Larry – on one of my bad days. Nobody’s perfect, I suppose!

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Thanks so much for reading or stopping by! I hope you enjoyed…

Until later,
Peace & Love!


  1. I really like this whole set up! Have you considered having the characters speak to each other? Could be interesting. What if curmudgeon Larry was a total pussy cat and everyone believed he was nice? Just a thought

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    1. Thanks SWS! Yes I hope to have them talk at some point just not sure how to set it up. As for the other idea about Larry, everyone has already talked about his grouchy demeanor so that’s a tough one lol. I was thinking more like he’s soft inside, but nobody has seen that side yet. I don’t know… so many options! Kind of. I wish I’d thought of that before though because that’s be pretty interesting!

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  2. I think you’re pre-writing at this point…fleshing out characters before you tell a story… I think it’s going to round out real nice!!!👍👍👍

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