The Shadow Knows

I wanted to take time out from the story because I felt like the idea I was after began to get lost when I started focusing on the different characters. It’s funny how you can sit down to write one thing and then end up in a totally different world – or an unexpected story.

I’ve been focusing on my studies and with the weekend here I’ll probably be going out and about tomorrow. I was literally melting over the past week because it was up to 104 degrees and we only use fans here in our 1930’s home.

One night I had my window wide open with the fan going and I was getting ticked off because I just couldn’t cool my body down. I checked the weather app on my phone – at 4:00 a.m. – and it was 82 outside. I don’t know. I think 82 is ideal for daytime, but not for evenings.

I don’t know if you remember, but when I did one of my other stories I had a wise guy episode and I mentioned that I was going to try shadows but wasn’t sure how to do it in Illustrator. So, I gave one a go tonight and I am pretty happy with my first attempt.

Of course, I can make out the man’s features because I’ve seen the original and I drew the lines… so I’m hoping you can make them out too.

I created it in Illustrator and then moved it to Photoshop. There I added some extra black – with my brush tool, to help add a little shadow to the areas that were too light.

It was much easier than I thought because I simply ignored any shadow areas and drew only the areas of the photograph that were getting light. Then I added a black background and… voila!

It’s going to take more practice, but when I look at this guy from far away he definitely looks like the photo that I used as a guide. I also added a Photoshop oil paint effect to help soften the lines that you get in Illustrator. I tried a gradient in Illustrator but it’s hard to do with blacks because you see bands.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Thanks for listening and/or viewing! Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Weekend!

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