Pretty in Pink

A Haiku

Wind, blowing kisses,

Pink skies, whispering a tune,

Time, not forgotten.

I started this image about a week ago. It was a simple remake of the famous “Marilyn’s dress flies up over a storm drain” or whatever it was she was standing on.

I didn’t like my illustration too well, so I played around and found this pink double exposure effect in the Photoshop Camera App. I think the pink gives it a modern look with a retro poster feel.

I’ve been taking time off from writing. I’m not sure if it’s my best idea ever… but I’m considering a new blog for my fiction and some other things. I don’t like the fact that this blog has gone from ‘my story’ to ‘eclectic’ to mostly fiction.

I thought I’d throw this idea out and see if I get any input from anyone. Good idea? Bad idea?

Anyway, I thought my image would work for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Blew & Skies. It’s kind of like an ode to Marilyn, even though I’m too young to have been a die hard fan (she died in 1962 before I turned one) – and the pink took her to another dimension.

The fall semester starts tomorrow so I’ll be writing less for a while, but I have two new stories in my head so I’ll be working on those very soon. Maybe here, maybe on a new blog – either way I’ll let you know!

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed the image and haiku!

Until later,


  1. Re. your blog, I like the way you mix things up with illustrations, Haiku’s, stories and personal observations, it makes the blog really interesting and adds variety. I can understand though that you might want to separate out different genres for different audiences. However, trying to maintain two different blogs might end up being a pain, unless they’re for completely different purposes. But your blog contains pictures and text that go together, so they complement each other. I think you should just continue with the one blog and post anything you want in it, after all the primary purpose is for you to express yourself, not cater to a specific audience. That’s my opinion anyway!

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    1. Yes, thank you Stuart!! I do enjoy mixing it up I just worry too much that nobody ever knows what to expect next lol. But as you say, maybe that’s actually a benefit. Thanks so much for the response because that’s exactly why I asked… to get other’s views. You make good sense here!! I agree about double work too, and I like what you said about the goal being to express myself. Well said! 😃😃

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  2. I agree with Stuart! And I LOVE this post…what a beautiful tribute to Marilyn. You better let me know if there’s a new blog in store! love, Z💖

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    1. Thanks Z!! No, I think I like what Stuart said too lol. Keeping it simple and letting my blog fly free hahaha. I think I overthink. Two blogs will be a pain and it’s like splitting myself into pieces. Love you mucho lady Z! Hope your worship weekend was glorious.

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    2. Overthinking–it’s a common curse! And I’ve tried doing 2 blogs…it’s not worth the effort–Exhausting! Steven Furtick’s (Elevation Church) message was, “God’s Got Your Back!” SO GOOD! I might post the link. Love you too!

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  3. I also agree with Stuart- two different sites might be tedious to keep up but I understand why you’re thinking about it. Don’t know if it’s possible but can you add sections or divisions to the site? Or is there a way of reorganizing?

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    1. Hi Elizabeth! I don’t know but that’s what I’ll be looking into. Although everything looks the same in the reader so that might be worth the effort hahahaha. I decided to forget the new blog idea so at least I’ve got one decision down. And thank you that is a good idea that I can use just gotta figure out how. 🤣😘❤️

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