Moving On…

No moss at my feet,

Never steady… got to move…

Train keeps a rollin’.

I thought I’d try something different with illustration so I decided on a train. This one took me two days, so it was no walk in the park!

I’ve been taking a break from writing because I’m trying to spread my focus into many areas so that I’m not obsessing on just one thing.

Speaking of obsessing, during my time away I read the book CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, by Tom O’Neill.

Wow. I think I no longer need to worry about spending too much time on things because he spent twenty years investigating for that book. Like I said… wow. It was SO interesting though. For me, anyway.

I always read books like that several years after they get published, so I’m a little late for that train (ha-ha) but that’s ok. Still interesting!

So, other than that everything is the same.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my illustration and the haiku!!

Goodnight for now..

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Rolling & Steady


  1. It’s a great piece of art. I’ve been on trains. There’s always stuff… advertisements…. graffiti… people. You’ve stripped all that out and left what’s essential. The lines of the car are clean. Antiseptic. The figure and her pose captures something deeply emotional. I get a sadness. Regret. She’s not doing what people do now, namely fidgeting with her phone. She’s contemplating. And the cleanliness of how you depicted car invites the viewer to enter into a communion with the figure. Hopper like. Stylized yet realistic. Is this a particular place? I can’t tell from the skyline. It feels imaginary.

    Anyway, I’ve said enough. It’s really great! — SSW

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    1. Oh the choice you made to green the car and the odd color of the sky maybe through the window …. So cool!!! Ok now I’m done 🤣

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    2. Thank you so much! Glad you like it. I had no particular place in mind but it’s actually a silhouette I found of Philadelphia lol. For no reason in particular, I just thought it would work well so it’s imaginary in my mind anyway. I took a train from a place near Tucson to Los Angeles once. It was a red eye and took longer than driving but it was a fun experience. I hope to take one of those scenic trips maybe up the coast – someday. I’m a terrible car passenger but in trains I can relax and soak in the views. Anyway, I appreciate your comment, as usual!


    3. Read a lot into it!😂. Sometimes people looking out train windows are just watching the scenery! Never been to Philadelphia … would like to sometime.

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  2. I especially relate to your reading of books that are not “hot off the press”. 10 years after Vietnam War ended I was playing catch-up…but it was easy in one way, I worked in a library. Hope you’re doing well, Lady J!

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    1. Oh what a great job! At least if you like to read lol. I haven’t been to a library since before COVID. I think I’ll need to revisit soon. 😘❤️ love to you my friend!

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    2. It was my fave job indeed! Surrounded by books–bliss! And there were some great people to meet as I checked out books for them.💖

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