The Ambassador

A look at Ms. Maddie’s cell records offered the investigative team it’s first person of interest – the individual that she had been on the phone with before she vanished – a man called “Chuck.”

This proved to be an interesting lead, as “Chuck” was what Ms. Maddie had him listed as in her contacts, but this was not the man’s name at all. His real name was Bodhi Barnes.

He was a fit young man, and he worked as a Brand Ambassador for Hana Hou, a surfboard company that was quite popular along the coast. Bodhi had a strange air about him. He had the body of a burly man, but the face of a young boy – a “pretty boy” at that. 

Bodhi was an intriguing character, and he was suspect number one in the case of Ms. Maddie’s disappearance. While there was still no proof of foul play, Bodhi certainly gave cause for wonder.

He had been one of Ms. Maddie’s students, several years prior, and had just recently finished college. She had tutored him, as she was now tutoring Benny, and he claimed that he and Ms. Maddie had formed a bond. Bodhi kept in touch with her – now and then – just to let her know how his life was progressing. 

Bodhi went on and on, telling me how much he appreciated the extra push that Ms. Maddie had given him, and how grateful he was… and I just wanted to get to the point.

“Well, that’s interesting Mr. Barnes,” I snapped. “Because we have a witness who claims that the two of you were arguing on the phone the night that she disappeared.” 

“That’s a lie.” He yelled, shaking his head wildly. Droplets of salt water sprayed from his wet hair, nearly hitting me in the eye. 

“We have the phone records to prove it.” I said, peeking my head around my case notes that were now protecting my face from the unexpected shower.

“That proves nothing.” He laughed.

The interview went on a bit longer, and Bodhi remained firm that the two had spoken briefly, just to catch up, and that no argument had taken place. I was not convinced, but there really was no proof of that. At this point, all we had was Benny’s statement.

I stumbled through the sand toward the parking lot, and then suddenly remembered something.

“Hey Bodhi,” I shouted across the beach. “Why are you listed as “Chuck” in Ms. Maddie’s phone?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Why don’t you ask her jealous ex-boyfriend?”

And that was that.


Who is this ex-boyfriend? I don’t know but I think we’ll soon find out!

I have to say that this one is getting hard for me, but I’m going to keep plugging through. Right now I’m focusing on who the suspects are (if there was even a crime?!). We don’t know much yet, but I think in time it will start to fall into place.

It’s kind of fun because most of the shows I watch are crime dramas, so that’s really coming in handy. I think. Haha! I’m hoping there will lots of surprises and twists…

Anyway, most of my fun tonight was found in illustrating Bodhi. Men are so much harder than women and I’m not sure why, but I think this one works.

Well, that’s about all for tonight. Thank you for reading, or viewing, and I hope you enjoyed something here.


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