As the team looked into the identity of Ms. Maddie’s jealous ex-boyfriend, I was busy reviewing my notes on Bodhi – and checking the database to see if he had any priors. Something about that boy didn’t feel right. 

The morning had been bright and clear, but a dark cloud cover was easing in, and by noon it hung over the city. As if the weather were a prediction of the day, an unanticipated visitor barged in and literally rained on my parade. 

“Someone here to see you Carter,” one of the staff hollered as he chased after the woman who was forcing her way to my door.

It was Ms. Maddie’s mother, and she introduced herself as Elle Lablanc. The woman was stunning, mind you, but underneath the allure there was a hellfire burning. She demanded to know where we were on the case, as her daughter had been missing for 72 hours by now.

As I assured her that we were doing everything we could, Mrs. Lablanc turned her back to me and stared out of the window facing downtown. 

“What about her studio on Sixth Street?” she asked. “Did you find anything there?”

I didn’t need to say anything. My expression said it all.

She turned quickly, leaned in my direction, and snarled. “You idiots!”

I remember, vividly, feeling the heat of her breath penetrate my skin. As if she had a powerful force at her control, the clouded sky turned electric blue, thunder rattled the office doors, and rain as thick as nails nearly shattered the window.

Mrs. Lablanc grabbed a pen and paper, wrote down the address of Ms. Maddie’s studio, and threw the paper on my desk. She slammed the door as she left my office, and suddenly the building lost all power. 

We were totally in the dark… and in more ways than one.


It sounds like Mrs. Lablanc is a force to be reckoned with. Ha-Ha!

I’ll keep this short. It’s 4th of July here in the U.S.A. and the fireworks are booming at the moment (even though they are supposedly illegal in my town). For those of you in the States, I hope you had a nice holiday!

Thank you for reading… I hope enjoyed tonight’s segment of The Tale of Ms. Maddie, and/or my illustration of her mother – the all-powerful Mrs. Lablanc… looking out at downtown Fillmore (wherever that may be).

I cannot believe I’m done so early and that makes me want to sing… but I’ll spare you.

Until later,
Peace & Love!

Word of the Day Challenge: Powerful

Bosslady: a woman who can accomplish all tasks while remaining beautiful; a good looking woman in an authoritative position in a business (non-sexual); a woman who is successful without the aid of others (although others may help to make things more convenient).Urban Dictionary


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