Sweet Serenade

A Bit of Fiction & Illustration

As the passengers’ laughter subsided, they noticed that the bus was no longer moving. The driver hadn’t said a word the entire ride, but Melody caught him glancing at her now and then, in the rear view mirror.

His eyes were fixed on her now, and she knew that Syd had probably been right, that the bus suffered from mechanical issues – and it was now broken down. Without turning around, the driver made eye contact with Melody in the mirror and told her that he had to deboard the bus, to get cellphone service, because his radio wasn’t working properly.

“I think the bus will need to be towed,” he said, as he walked toward the exit stair. “We’ll get a replacement vehicle out here and it will take you to the main depot. You can get a transfer from there.”

Normally, Melody would be beside herself over this news, but the passengers had been so entertaining that she wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. She was quite pleased, actually, because she wanted to spend more time with them.

As the driver walked to a nearby path, holding his phone in the air to find a signal, the gentle sound of an acoustic guitar began to echo through the bus. Lina gestured to one of the passengers who had been sitting silently in the back, and Melody turned to see this quiet young woman, strumming a beautiful tune.

The music was melodic and soothing, and Lina waved her arms through the air like an orchestra conductor. Her head swayed softly, and her long lean legs moved balletically down the aisle toward the music.


Not much longer to go now…

Next time I do this I’m going to make each post longer so there aren’t so many parts. Sheeesh. Feels like a loooong story, but it’s really not.

I really enjoyed doing this illustration. I think it works. I’m kind of glad that there aren’t many more to do though, because I want to try some new things soon. I feel a new season coming on.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Or looking. I hope you’re enjoying the story, or my illustrations, or both – and that you’re finding a little entertainment here. It’s nice to think of something besides what’s going on the real world sometimes, haha.

Peace & Love, as always!!


    1. Ahhhh. Yes, I agree on that. Good input, thank you!! I totally relate too because of my short attention span so thanks again. I’ll stick to snippets lol. 🤣

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