the Nuptials

Fiction & Illustration

Scarlett was known for being fashionably late, but George was beside himself when he learned that she hadn’t arrived at the church yet.  

“Where IS she?” He cried. “It’s almost time to start the nuptials!”

“Now, now, dear,” his mother said. “Everything will be fine George, now don’t you worry.”

Miles away, and still in her wedding gown, Scarlett made her way out of town on foot. She couldn’t go through with it – it just wasn’t fair to George.

Mrs. Moonie, George’s mother, had put her up to it in the first place. She was a meddling old fool and she used her money to get whatever she wanted. 

She had offered Scarlett a considerable amount to marry George, enough for her to take care of the mess that she was in – and then some – and in one brief and weak moment, Scarlett had agreed.

But as she dressed for the ceremony, Scarlett realized that she was making a deal with the devil himself, so she put on her boots and headed to Hollywood.


I wanted to practice line illustrations, and I thought that the word nuptials might be a good starting point for a story, so here we are.

I have no idea where this story is going, and I’m not sure what will happen to Scarlett (or George) next, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,
Peace & Love!

Word of the Day challenge: Nuptials


  1. The drawing is really cool. The choice of lines and the boots! Definitely made for walking!!😂Your tone is special. It’s charmingly mischievous. It feels like you’re letting a single reader in on some gossip … like it’s being told in a low whisper over coffee with a wink. I think it’s great as is or it could move into new revelations. Paired with the line drawing style this really works!!!

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