Town Hero

I had so much fun with the word prompt yesterday that I decided to continue my story each day using the Daily Spur’s word prompt. Tonight’s word: Football. I’m going to keep the previously written parts running below the new additions so that, in the end, I’ll have a completed short story. Backwards.

I also wanted to bring in a (slightly hot) man because, well… let’s face it… us ladies like to look at something other than women now and then. I borrowed a line drawing I found of a somewhat nude man, and I used the pattern as my base while adding clothes to not only fit the story, but to make him presentable. Ha-Ha!

I’m thinking the story might end up to be a comedy—especially since each surprising word prompt should bring on an unexpected twist or turn, and I hope it works…

Anyway, I hope you find the story and images entertaining!

Part Two

The crowd applauded, not just for the woman but for Bob as well. He had gone unrecognized until the wine debacle caused every eye in the room to gaze upon him. He had removed his dampened jacket, revealing a colorful football jersey. His face displayed the signs of a life well lived, and his balding head was covered with a handsome newsboy cap. His firm and muscular body, the one that had taken the team to the championship years ago, revealed his true identity… the town’s former star quarterback.

Part One

She made a grand entrance, as usual, causing quite the disturbance. Bob’s glasses fogged up, causing him to bump shoulders with the maître d’ as he rose to greet her. His wine glass soared through the air, spinning end over end as the crimson liquid showered down onto the patrons below. Finally, it hit the checkered tile floor in front of her, shattering into a million pieces.

Unfazed, she strutted her way across the debris and onto the stage…

“Good evening,” she said as the microphone reached her lips, “this one’s for you Bob.”


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