Alternate Universe

There were times in the past when I feared that my optimism looked too much like “fantasy” to some. Now, with the great divides that have literally split our world apart, I fear that my optimism is much more real than the reality of some.

With each day, I am more and more amazed at how bizarre things have gotten. To make it even weirder, many of the people from these opposing worlds, who argue online day in and day out, are not even real people, they are bots. 

Excuse me… but where am I and how did I get here? And how do I get home?

I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe.


BUT, that’s not what I want to talk about. First, I wanted to share my newest illustration—a mix between stained glass and something else. I had been working on a rather large poster, and decided it was getting too crowded and chaotic, so I split it into pieces. This particular image is about a third of it.

I actually came up with the title Alternate Universe because the background reminds me of planets that are windows to the outside world. The woman is from a stained glass I saw online, and the instruments are a compilation of various jazz art pieces I found. I’m thinking of trying out a little cubism mix, but that’s another story for another day.

What I also wanted to say here is that working on the illustration made me think about dreaming. I mentioned in an earlier post that a cool thing about my age is that “I’ve begun to find dreaming and imagining almost as exciting as real adventures. Sometimes it’s just a state of mind we’re searching for, and we can attain it anywhere.”

After I published that, I thought about my statement and realized that it shouldn’t be an “age thing.” And I didn’t mean that dreaming can take the place of real authentic life. That would be almost as weird as a bunch of bots fighting over which side is right. Ha!

What I meant was that so much of what we crave or yearn for is a feeling, or a state of mind, but we misconstrue it. For example… we desire a vacation because we’re tired of working too much and we want to “feel” refreshed. I’ve felt that way before. I’ve also gotten to my destination only to experience new frustrations because the “refreshed feeling” that I craved was lost somewhere under the stress of unexpected expenses for the trip.

Being happy, and content, and at peace with the world is not something that’s for sale. It can’t be bought. It’s inside of you.

I think I took the long way to say it, but the point I was getting at is that I believe that dreaming, or imagining, is a gift—another one for my series Miracles Every Day.

When you allow yourself to dream, it’s like being a kid again. You forget everything you’ve ever heard from those no-can-do people in your life. You tap into that happiness and contentment that’s inside of you, because you take doubt, fear, restrictions, and limitations off of the table.

You open your heart and your mind, and you remember what you knew all along…. that anything is possible.

And that, I believe, is a miracle.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my image and my words.

Until later,


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