Child’s Play

Three seconds of bliss,

Colors my soul with laughter,

Innocent child’s play.

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Color and Three

I’m traveling back in time again. The featured image is a photo that I shared about five years ago. That’s my youngest grandson, playing with the same sprinkler that I played with when I was young. Since I’m rewriting my life’s story, I thought it would be interesting to revisit and revise some of my old images as well.

I added a slight oil paint effect with the BeCasso app on my iPhone, and then added a few other touches with Nik Collection in Photoshop—using Analog Efex and Silver Efex. I was going to go completely black and white, but I kept just a touch of color. I know that might sound like Greek to some of you, but I decided that if I’m going to repurpose and reshare some of my old images and photographs, the least I could do was tell you what I did, and/or how I did it. In case you’re interested.

I thought Ronovan’s challenge was going to be a breeze with the exception of the word THREE. That was a tough one! But… I’m really focusing on slowing down these days, or at least being more focused and mindful (and balanced), so the idea of “three seconds” seemed really pertinent.

I think it sums up why it’s so important to pay attention to what’s around you, and to be “present” rather than somewhere in your head. Some of our most memorable moments might last but three seconds, and if our minds or eyes are closed… we just might miss them.

That’s about all for now. School is winding down to the last week and soon I’ll be on winter break—so I hope to see more of all of you!

Until later,
Peace & Love!


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