a haiku

“When undecided,

Often it is best to wait,”

Said the wise old owl.

I thought the old hooter’s sage advice was pretty wise until I did a little Google sleuthing for quotes about waiting for the right moment. Apparently, waiting is not always advised. “Life is too short to wait,” is a popular example that I found. “Stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you,” is another. The list goes on. I suppose it’s subjective, and the wisest thing a person can do is listen to their heart. Or their gut. Or whatever body part it is that sends them cues and fires up their intuition.

I’ve done a few things that I wish I had waited before doing. Maybe the rule of thumb should be never make rash decisions, especially when you are hurt, angry, being or feeling rushed… or drunk. And always do your due diligence.

I’ve been dying to write. What I’ve been doing instead is reading. I took a writing class at adult school years ago and that was the instructor’s big advice. If you want to write, you have to read. So… I’ve made it through two fiction books and I’m more than halfway through Jewel’s memoir, Never Broken – Songs are only Half the Story. My thoughts about that book will take a new post entirely, because it really got me thinking and I have a lot to say on it. I hope to write about that down the road so I’ll leave it at that for now. She seems like a beautiful person, I will say that.

I have to say that reading fiction has been good for me so far. I really do have a problem with my attention span, and I think part of it is from being an introvert and having trouble getting out of my own head (or inner world), and part of it is from multi-tasking so much in life on all of the various forms of technology. Sitting down to read a real paper book of fiction is helping me in so many ways. I have to nudge myself a lot—when I find myself reading but not really reading, and then having to re-read so that I actually get what I read—and slowly but surely my focus is getting better. And I’m feeling more balanced. There’s probably a longer story or explanation that I could get into here, but that’s the jest of it.

I would love to go on and on with my thoughts tonight—because I have a lot of them—but I thought it would be wise to do some artwork (the featured owl) for my haiku before starting to write and it ended up draining me; so now I’m tired. I just finished a free Adobe Photoshop class at the community college and I learned about “layer styles.” I made the entire piece out of various layer styles, and then I sent it to my iPhone so I could give it a painted effect in my BeCasso app. It’s a pretty simplistic piece (that took a little time to construct), and I really like how it turned out.

I know that COVID (and all of the politics that go with it) has been wearing people down—and a lot of folks (and countries!) are going through some crazy $h!+, so I want to say that I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll be making a few rounds to check in on you all.

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading!

Until next time…
Peace & Love!

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Wait & Wise


  1. Super post Janet😍

    Your owl is fabulous and in real life they’ve become one of my favorite birds ❤️

    I love your post about the conundrum of “to wait or not to wait” and I agree that in times of anger or stress, to wait is indeed “wise” 😉

    I also love the point about always respecting and referring to our gut. Intuition is a powerful tool, built in us for a reason. So consider it when deciding 👍🏻

    And as an overthinker I also agree that don’t wait too long or opportunities that presented themselves will find something willing to run with it 🤯

    So, you addressed the many facets of my attitude on waiting ❣️❤️😂

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