Living with Zeal

I woke up one day,

Feeling like a fraud.

A Xerox copy.

The person I thought was me,

Had been borrowed,

Stolen, or reproduced.

And I was weary;

Tired of being someone else.

Who? I am not sure,

But it was not me.

A manifestation, if you will,

Of who I thought I should be,

Or what others might want.

Who am I? I cried.

But I had no answer.

And my Youth,

Had faded away.

I realized then,

That beneath the layers,

Of artificiality,

Of years of being an imposter,

That I was a blank canvas.

And I could create “me,”

In any way that I wanted.

With strokes, lines,

And bits of color added,

Each and every day.

A work in progress.

I was the painting,

And I was the painter.


“I” became real,

And I began living with Zeal.

Well, that’s it for my series Life: From A to Z, the grand finale, with the letters X, Y, and Z. Seriously, those three letters were NOT easy and I felt the words flowing until I reached the end. Give me another week and it might have been perfect.

Anyway, I thought that writing something creative would be fun, as my thoughts about the new series WINDOWS has me feeling wildly inspired and I’m so ready to move on to something different and new.

Thank you for reading!

Catch on fire with zeal, and people will come for miles to watch you burn.


About the Image

I took the photograph of the tree while hiking some months back, and the photo was bland (honestly, my eyesight is getting bad, but that’s another story). In thinking about our lives being a blank canvas, I thought that a faded black and white… with hints of color on the leaves… would be somewhat abstract and symbolic.

Like the tree of life… slowly coming into its full glory.


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