In Our Hands

We weave the pattern,

Love dwindles, or ripples out,

It is in our hands.


As you can see, I’m still experimenting with my portrait/visual communication ideas here. This is actually a fun and entertaining way to spend my “at home” time, but I still find myself rushing to get things done as if there is some deadline approaching.

The colorful silhouette (if you can make it out) is my 8 year old grandson who will soon be 9. I had him pose with my hat several years ago and I’m still finding a use for the images.

Anyway, he was eating candy (I seriously must enjoy watching my grandsons eat!) so I did some rearranging to make something new. It inspired my haiku as well, which was written for the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Dwindle & Ripple.

The bottom line: The future is in our hands! This needs to be a mantra right now because in these parts of California it doesn’t feel as though we have much power. We need to stay positive and know that it is there, we just have to work a little harder. Besides, love is always at our fingertips… no matter what.

Stay positive!

p.s. I’m also busy on the sidelines, trying to work out the kinks in the new collaboration site: Out of the Ashes. I hope that some of you will check it out and either join us as a contributor, or as a follower of our blog updates.


  1. Love the picture. We need to stay positive. The alternative just brings about more ugliness. Love and positivity must not dwindle. Even if it feels like it is in short supply, the truth is it’s endless! 💕

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    1. Thanks Collette! I know and I even find myself feeling empty, like dissatisfied with life, because I am at home so much. You want to just yell enough is enough sometimes! We need more love AND patience lol. 😘❤

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  2. OOOOooOOOOOOO I love the image. It has a decoupage look but mostly reminds me of the cover of Frank Sinatra’s first Duet’s CD he did back in the 90s. This style, look, is one of my favorites forms of art. I kind of play around with it sometimes for a young friend who is working on a music career. AWESOME!!!

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