Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes to the rhythm,

Yes to the beat,

If you can’t stand the fire,

Then get out of the heat!

Yes to the lyrics,

Yes to the tune,

Swing to the melody,

And dance to the moon!

This is a celebratory piece for sure. I was procrastinating a term paper in comparative religion, and the assignment is now “officially submitted.” Who would have thought that a class I chose to take for “fun” would turn out to be so brutal!? Anyway, my fear and dread is now over and it feels marvelous… almost makes me want to dance!

I’m upcycling today. Or recycling. This was originally my abstract Salsa Dancing art, and I thought it would be fun to make it more literal. I think the colors alone are enough to energize and improve the mood. If you like bright colors anyway. Now… I tried to make the dancers more conspicuous than the girl that I hid in Unraveling, so I’m hoping these two are visible, even without the cheater glasses.

I’m going to take a peek at my short story later and see if I can add to it tonight. As for now, it’s getting hot and I think it may be time to visit the kiddie pool…

Peace & Love!

Word of the Day Challenge: Yes


  1. A great Friday-feel post with bright celebration and upbeat thoughts and themes. Yay for submitted papers! 💕👍🏻


    1. That is a Friday feel! Funny because every day feels like Friday lol. Thank you. Hope you have a great weekend Collette!


  2. It’s wonderfully alive! And yes, I can see the couple easily 🙂 “Salsa Dancing” seems appropriate, as Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday 🙂

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    1. Oh good I’m glad you see them. That comment was for you by the way lol. I forgot about Cinco de Mayo. Tomorrow is my oldest son’s birthday! He’s inching his way to the forties. Yikes!!


    2. Oh ho! You remembered that I’m half-blind, haha!! I still can’t believe you could have a “child” nearing 40–your spirit is delightfully young…much like mine most days 🙂 🙂 Did you get a notice that I “promoted” you over at Go Dog Go Cafe? I don’t really know all they do over there–but anyway, I think it’s Thursdays that they invite “us” to promote someone (Mondays we can promote ourselves)…so of course, I linked to you!! Have a blessed weekend, dear friend–I’m hoping I can rest, but…best laid plans and all…I doubt it will happen 🙂

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    3. What?? How cool but no I had absolutely no idea or notification. I have to go check this Cafe out. Never heard of that either. Boy, I sure don’t get around much. 🤣😘❤ Thank you so much Z!!


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