Love Wins

Long ago, in the hood,
Way back in the day, 
The streets were all empty,
And the city was gray.

Anger was brewing,
The rains, they poured down.
No one would listen,
To a positive sound.

Without a warning, 
Light shone in the dark.
Beauty was forming…
In the sky. In an arc.

Hearts began melting,
As they all looked above.
They found what they needed,
In the rainbow of love.

Happy Sunday! Be the light, spread the love…

Written for the 3 Things Challenge: Arc, Hood, Back

Photo by trashhand from Pexels


    1. Thanks Michael. What’s amazing is that after discovering that artist yesterday, and his mission of spreading love with his art… I remembered why I started this blog in the first place. Love was always the message. Boy do I go on a lot of detours haha! Anyway, I’m going to mention him again soon– I have another part of that wall to share. Funny how God leads us! Have a good day Michael.

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    2. That’s incredible … I find myself doing the same … getting back to why I started my blog, and like you, I’ve taken many detours. Gods’s always leading the way even when we’re not paying attention 🙏

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