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Hollywood has unfortunately become a memory. It’s nothing but a sign on the side of a hill. —Mickey Rooney

I haven’t taken my walk yet but I’ll be on my way shortly!

I’m still testing out the new photo editor with some of my older images. This upcycled photograph (the original taken while hiking up to the Hollywood sign) seems to sum up all kinds of emotions that are circling around these days, and it is now my latest addition to the Quarantine Collection.

Let’s hope my walk discovers some of the beauty that is still out there.

Peace & Love!


  1. Mickey Rooney’s quote was definitely a fine summing up of the Golden Age of Hollywood which came to an end in 1959 in my opinion.

    Hollywood still made several great films after that year but the overall magic that seemed to exist from 1930 to 1959 was forever all gone from most films in general.

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    1. Haha! Yeah that’s actually why I was drawn to it. I’m not a real Hollywood film buff so your other comment was kind of greek to me. But interesting nonetheless! 🤣

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