Giant Fruit

If people could shrink,

Food would last so much longer.

That’s just what I think.

Written for the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Shrink & Think

That was a tough Haiku! There was no getting around those two words without using some kind of humor. It’s not my favorite, but it DOES go with the featured image.

I went through my old posts and found an image that I’d forgotten about. It was a photograph of an orange on our tree, and a drop of dew that I caught in the frame. I changed the colors and effects just a bit to make it slightly different from my original. Since the hand I added gives the illusion that the fruit is either very large… or the hand is very small, this Haiku kind of wrote itself.

It’s way too late at night to get into some of my thoughts about the COVID-19 madness. Food shortages are real around here… probably not something to laugh at. It’s hard not to think that us common folk are being manipulated.

But… that’s a another story, for another day.

Peace & Love. Stay safe. Be healthy. Pray.



  1. Great photo and haiku, Janet! Shelves bare of TP was bad enough…but when there were NO “family size” bags of Nacho Cheese chips yesterday, and I had to buy 2 smaller ones for $7, the grumpies got me! 🙂

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    1. Haha! I just bought a family size bag of popcorn. My beef is that all the healthy stuff I started on is now difficult to find. I picked a bad year for a lifestyle change Haha! 😳


    2. That’s for sure, hon! It was already difficult for me to get good produce, when that was my goal last Fall…but desperate times demand snacks!! 🙂

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