I wanted to try out another portrait, and I think this one is a great accompaniment to Innocence.

I didn’t have anything in mind when I started it, but the geometric light variations and the “children crossing” sign seemed like an interesting way to express a youngster who is innocent, but nearing adolescence (when things start to go topsy-turvy).

I’m loving portrait exploration, and am pretty confident that this is one of the avenues I want to go down after graduation. Maybe for hobby, but maybe even beyond that… time will tell!

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say; I think I’m all talked out. What I can say is that the innocence of a child is refreshing, and often humorous.

Me: So, your mom called and told me that the truck broke down this morning and you were late to school.

Grandson: Yeah. Well… do you want to hear the REAL story?

Ha! I think he was 5 at the time and I’ll never forget that conversation! What a riot. So, that’s my word for today. Innocence. I love innocence.

Have a fantastic week everyone! Keep smiling!


  1. Wonderful thoughts to share. Your image captures exactly what you were looking for. I think when we mature in our later years, some of the innocence of our youth can resurface through our many cherished memories.

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  2. “when things start to go topsy-turvy”… lol I love that!
    I love the word innocence. It’s interesting cos I think it can only ever TRULY be found in kids. No other way can the true definition of innocence ever be portrayed other than in children. It sounds magical to me. And I love knowing that every single person on this earth came from this state of complete innocence.
    No matter what happens next, we were all innocent once.

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    1. I think you’re right but sometimes I think that awe and wonder give us the sensation of innocence. We may not ‘be’ innocent but we can relive the feeling. Realizing how big the universe is and how little we are… You know?

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    2. I hope and pray that I will see and feel that kind of awe and wonder when I hold my baby. I guess I relived the feeling when I held my brothers babies… two beautiful little girls.

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