Eucalyptus & Friends

I’m continuing with the Alphabet Game, and things are speeding up. I knew I’d start to question the whole idea, but I didn’t think it would happen this fast! I’m not ready to jump ship yet, so I’m combining some of the letters instead.

“E” was a tough one, but then I suddenly remembered how much I love the scent of Eucalyptus oil. For one thing, I’ve come to associate the smell with a relaxing spa day (which is rare but has happened in the past).

I think it’s more than that though. It just smells so fresh and clean. I’ve also just learned that the monarch butterflies roost in Eucalyptus trees, and the Butterfly Preserve that I’ll visit in December is filled with them.

“F” was easy. Family and Friends. No elaborating here because it’s pretty self-explanatory: I love them all dearly!

So… I thought I’d try another portrait for this one. My very dear friend is featured here, hiding in the shadows near the Eucalyptus sprigs. I LOVE the idea, but I’m not real happy with the outcome.

What I want to do in these portraits is hide areas of the face, so that the subjects identity is somewhat mysterious. I think I’ve done that pretty well here… almost too well. If I didn’t tell you she was there, you might not even see her! I don’t know, I’ll keep experimenting. At least I tried. 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend! I’ll see you all soon for the letter “G!”


  1. I also love eucalyptus–the fragrance is so clean and refreshing, and the plant is lovely to look at! I hope you’re taking care not to wear yourself out with this alphabet writing/art challenge ❤

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    1. Hi Z! No not yet but the fun does wear off. I’m going to take my time and just see where it goes. By the way you went to spam again earlier. I don’t know why that happens. Anyway I love the fact that I now have a trip to plan this winter to see butterflies. You just never know where things lead and it’s so cool that the game led to that haha!


    2. I don’t know about Spam either–every other day I have to fish someone out too! 🙂 I am thrilled for you that you’ll be seeing butterflies in winter–I don’t remember where you live, but I don’t think we’ll see butterflies in winter around my place 🙂 You’ll get lots of photos, right? ❤ Much love to you ❤

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