Blog and Butterfly

Not to be confused with Heart’s song of the 70’s, Dog and Butterfly.

Continuing The Alphabet Game, my ongoing series about the things that I love—from A to Z—today I’m on the Bold & the Beautiful letter B:

Blogging and Butterflies

I’ll skip the details about blogging (for now); you all know how awesome it is to blog. As for butterflies, they’re a bit like the ocean, lightning, sunsets, rainbows, and other wonders of nature—they’re beautiful in photographs, but seeing them with your own eyes is simply magical.

I mentioned before that it was time I started planning some things. Well, I checked into where these beauties can be found, and The Coronado Butterfly Preserve is a two hour drive up the coast.

According to their site, the best time to visit is between November and February—with peak viewing in December & January—just in time for my winter break. So… it looks like I’ve got some plans to make!

Of course, this all circles back to my love of blogging; I’ll have an interesting story to tell, and (hopefully) some amazing butterfly images to share. I’ll keep you all posted on this one.

Until later, Peace & Love!


  1. I enjoy how energetic and enthusiastic you are–and that you bring us things we might not otherwise get to experience ❤ I no longer see/hear seagulls without thinking of you 🙂

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    1. I’m hopeful that maybe I’ll be here awhile–“God numbers our days” 🙂 Speaking of birds again, I’ll be writing about crows in the next day or so…something’s up with the ones in my neighborhood! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been having a blast this summer photographing butterflies. The yellow monarchs have been especially stunning. I tried to photograph this lovely little butterfly with gray wings and a tiny red circle about the size of its eyes. I’ve not been able to identify it. Any ideas?

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