Gone Fishing

I was going to say farewell, bon voyage, hasta la vista—but I know myself better than that. It’s likely I’ll post a bit over the next week or two, while I’m getting acclimated. I need to wean myself off slowly, to avoid that weird separation anxiety. I don’t know. That sounds a little neurotic, but it’s how I’m wired. C’est la vie.

If I fade away, know that I’ll be back again in a few months (and I’ll be checking in to read other people’s posts (OPP) as time allows. I’ve made some awesome new connections, and I’ve stumbled on two new gems recently. Maybe not new to blogging, but new to me.

I wanted to mention them now because they would have been on my list of things I love if I hadn’t had a limited word count.

Word-Whelmed Woman has… well… whelmed me with her poetry and kindness (and humor). So far she’s a bit of a mystery, but it appears her “About” page is in the works!

KUCHED is SO good with coffee. Or without. His style is unique and he can make you laugh and inspire you at the same time. Several of his posts have inspired me recently. Like this morning with my coffee!

I’m sure I haven’t done them justice here, so if you haven’t done so already, please check them out and follow.

Anyway, I’m offering one more bird photograph tonight. I caught this one leaving the sand and it seemed perfect for the occasion: Gone Fishing!

Peace & Love


  1. Your words have blessed me richly this day, dear Janet. You know I wish you all the BEST ALWAYS, and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love, Fleur ❤

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  2. well later on I will be curious to know how “weaning into a break” works out for you

    and I am going to check out the two blogs you mentioned – even tho I follow a lot – it is always nice to connect more – like how we somehow met (god appointment for sure)

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    1. that is a good idea – it is so fun to change it up –
      and I must tell you that anytime I do a blog fast = it always has many fruits. And so don’t be afraid to unplug from it – it can be good for us and the mind – also – Amy was right – the blogosphere is right there when you come back – sometimes it is changed a lot but usually not

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    2. I know. A break is always nice. And you were right about us meeting being a God appointment. I have been thinking about that book a lot. I just needed a push and there you were. 😄 so grateful for that. Ok back to classes now. Unplugging. 🙋❤

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  3. Sorry to hear this I will miss your posts– I get it though this is a time consuming endeavour- I try to post once a week and read posts once a week to keep my self from doing too much– but it’s hard to resist and our lives are busy! Enjoy fishing peace and love to you 😀

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