Whatever goes up, will surely come down;

Like a boomerang, it just all goes around.

You get what you give, or reap what you sow;

If hate’s what you plant, then hate’s what will grow.

If you want to see change; if love’s what you thirst,

Be bold with your kindness…

Dare to go first.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Karma

I’ve been stumped the past few days. Writer’s block, creativity block… whatever you want to call it. Slightly annoying—that’s what I call it.

When I saw the word Karma my mind went where any annoyed person’s head would go. To the dark side. You know… rubbing my hands together, evil grin, thinking the worst. Revenge (even though I’m my own worst enemy, so that’s probably a bad move).

But Karma isn’t revenge. It’s quite the opposite actually. If you sit around hoping (bad) Karma will make its way to someone else, you’ve missed the point completely. That’s like trying to get the speck out of your friend’s eye when you’ve still got a log in yours! That’s my two cents.

Anyway, I shifted gears and put my focus on positive energy instead. Bold, bright, vibrant and colorful energy. Faith, Hope, Love & Kindness.

Be the energy you want to attract. Everything starts with you.



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