Flor de pepino

Garden Art: Flor de pepino

I’m always nagging on myself to go visit exotic places and see new things. In rebellion (I don’t like being nagged), and contrary to my own advice, I decided that what I really need to do is be present and see the beauty that’s in front of me—right here, right now.

I’m going to work on a new series; Garden Art, and this is the first in the collection. It’s a cucumber flower in our backyard garden.

I love the way their vines reach out frantically, in search of something to hold onto, and then wrap themselves around what they find. Once they’ve latched on—nice and tight—they spread and grow like crazy. Sounds a bit like humans actually. 🙂

While thinking about a title, I looked to see what “cucumber flower” translates to in other languages. It’s Flor de pepino in Spanish, and how beautiful that is… it sounds so poetic!

A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico Fellini

That’s about all for now. Peace & love and have a beautiful day. Life is good and God is great!

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