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Flowers are the music of the ground

From earth’s lips spoken without sound;

Flowers are as music, silent, deep

Oxlyps, marigolds, music men keep

In pots and vases, beds and jars

Music as though they were bundles of stars!

Excerpt from Flowers, by Edwin Curran

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 5+ Items

I was excited to see Cee’s challenge today because I just happened to photograph these 5 geranium buds yesterday. I’m obsessed with their texture—all of those little hairs that can be seen up close. I’m sure there’s a more scientific name for them, but to me they’re just hairs.

This was one of my first attempts at macro photography (sort of). I’m trying to use self-discipline, and try something new every day. That being said, as much as I was tempted to do so… I didn’t doctor them up too much in Photoshop. I used a vintage filter, but that’s all.

Hopefully these buds will be blooming in the near future and I can do a follow-up on their progress. 😉

That’s about all for now. Peace & Love!


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