“The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp.”

John Berry

I’ve been unhappy with my photographs lately. I spend time in Photoshop—sprucing them up—and then decide that the picture in the frame wasn’t really worth the effort.

Yesterday is an example. I spent the morning at the beach with my son. The weather was perfect and the ocean was beautiful, but the images I shot did the landscape no favors (although I’m sure I will keep trying).

I came to the conclusion that the photographs I dislike the most are usually the one’s I’ve taken when I was trying too hard. The results are always better when the picture comes naturally.

I found a book of quotes at the thrift store, and skimmed through it while sitting on the sand. I think the quote above expresses my thought perfectly. So… I wanted to try something different today—a piece of digital art titled Reflect. Ha!

Peace & Love Everyone!

FOWC with Fandango: Reflect


  1. Pretty creation and you’re right, to try too hard is like acting to win. There’s a story about an archer whose hand was steady when they practiced for the joy of it, but when they entered an archery contest their hand shook.

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  2. Love what you did- color, depth, fluidity and geometry. Tonight I was singing with a group of folks that gather every other week. I have been aware that I am losing my capacity to stay on pitch- what I hear in my head doesn’t match what comes out of my throat any more. I have sung all my life and now…I can’t sing to be perfect, I can only sing for the sheer pleasure of it. The less I put of myself into the act of singing the easier it is becoming to let the notes just float out. It was humbling, embarrassing experience, and yet it matches up with the goal of humility. The less of me there is, the more my muse can be set free of my clutching. I can still shape and embellish, but mostly I am trying to simply enjoy where music comes from.

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