Feeling Funky

I wanted to do something colorful tonight, so here you have it!

Writer’s block has been preventing me from writing much of anything about my study of the word TRUST. Every single time I’ve tried! So weird! Anyway… I’m surrendering on the production of that post. At least until the words come streaming in. And I trust that they will. In time.

I WILL share something beautiful that I found though! What I’ve been searching around for are the various meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words that are translated to the English word trust in the Bible- and I took this from one of my many finds.

Trust has to do with being surrounded and protected in His mercy. Trust is to distinguish that He is good, and to be wrapped and swaddled in the goodness of His everlasting arms. 

You can’t beat that. Who doesn’t love to be wrapped and swaddled in God’s everlasting arms?!? Anyway, things are going great! I’ve been going to more meetings, reading a lot, and really feeling at peace. I’ve got a couple of people keeping their eyes and ears open for part time job opportunities, and I’m taking everything one day at a time.

As it should be.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller’s day off



  1. I really like the shades you’ve chosen in the image. Funky good? In a funk? or Funky like George Clinton and such?. Trust is a tough one for a month long prompt. To what lengths do you go and still trust that things are going your way?

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    1. Funky chicken. I dont know!!! I thought it was funky. It is a year long word study. It is for me. I don’t necessarily need to blog on it. It isn’t a prompt. Just something i am doing. 😀

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  2. That is one colorful tree! Trust is a good word and concept to pray about and meditate on. “surrounded and protected in his mercy” is so comforting. Good to know things are well for you and I will pray for that to continue!

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