Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Well… I’m starting something new!

I’m making my way back into A.A. meetings, and still very passionate about writing, photography and art- but I’m adding on to my activities. I need variety and more balance in my life. 

One thing that’s odd is that although my blog is still somewhat disorganized, the thoughts that I had about separating and categorizing the various facets is actually coming into play in my life, rather than on the pages. Even better! Well, for me anyway. 😉

I am reading the book One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber. 

The idea she shares is to choose ONE word, and focus on that word for an entire year. You research the word’s origin, meaning(s), and so on… asking God to lead you and help you uncover more and more, as you focus on the word.

I love this idea because words are very important to me!

Recently I read somewhere that one of the biggest reasons complete surrender can be so difficult is that we don’t trust God enough and/or with ALL aspects of our lives. We hold on to certain things, still trying to run the show. I SO relate to that.

So… I have chosen the word Trust.

My struggles these days have nothing to do with BELIEF, but they center around the word TRUST. I’m going to spend the next year focusing on trust and hope to understand more about what it means and why it is difficult for me.

The only challenge I see ahead of me on this project is that I question my own ability to stick to something for an entire year. 

Why does one year sound like an eternity to me?!? I don’t know!! But I am going to trust that God will walk me through this one year word study, and will see me through until completion.

As I stumble upon interesting tidbits or quotes, I’ll share them here, on the blog.

“TRUST that every word you are ready to write exists in the inkwell of your pen.” -Mark David Gerson, The Voice of the Muse

Peace and Love!! ♥♥♥


  1. The biggest reason, I think, that It took me 25+ years to get 18 was that I didn’t work the steps in my entire life and I’m not sure I didn’t trust God, more like I thought I could handle it myself. haha, as God mocks me

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  2. Trust for me is a heart emotion…it seems like at first was all in my head….I believe, I trust….then it became more real when I trusted in my heart that God is always with me through His Holy Spirit. Not sure that makes sense….kind of hard to explain.

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    1. Yes I do believe it makes sense! I want to get into it more later, but I think my biggest problem is trusting that “I” am hearing Him, and hearing properly… if that makes sense. Sometimes I am sure I am doing the right thing and then wonder… hmmm did HE tell me that or did my mind? Maybe because it’s all still so new to me.


  3. My biggest challenge was quieting my inner self….stopping the ” noise” of me….even for short periods of time, it is then, as my mystic Christian poet friend, Dan writes, we can hear God’s whisper

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