1. I love birds. I never considered myself a bird person either until we rescued a parrot from our backyard in Denmark. He has been living with us ever since and I am now completely fascinated with birds.
    I make up stories about, talk to them… We have birdfeeders outside and I have told you about the little flock that lives under our cabin. Every time we come near the birdfeeders they all fly off very fast. I wonder if they think that they are stealing from us, haha!

    I love your pictures (as usual), specially the one with the Gingko. The lightning is so dreamy!

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  2. Once again the miracle of the internet has caused me, an unrelated reader miles away, to fill up my bird feeder this morning, thereby feeding the wild birds flying through. Isn’t that kind of amazing? Endless River posts an article, wild birds are fed. Wow. WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING THAT WE DON”T KNOW ABOUT?
    Thanks for the epiphany! Sometimes you feel like your words are just sent out there into the world and that they don’t mean anything. This certainly puts in into perspective.

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