Joy in Giving

My cousin is great at knitting and crocheting. She makes batches of scarves that are shipped out to women in shelters and she asked me to write something that could go on a card with each scarf.

The yarn she uses is nicknamed ‘Magic Yarn’ because it’s made up of remnants of old pieces of yarn—leftover scraps in a sense—so that no yarn is ever wasted.

So… I wrote a fairy tale in rhymes:

The Tale of the Magic Yarn

There once was a seamstress, who made garments of white. Everyone wore them, what a beautiful sight! She knitted, crocheted and sewed wonderful things. Hats, scarves and mittens, with tassels and rings!

The town looked so crisp, clean, shiny and bright. They all dressed the same, their garments so light! With pride they stood tall, as they strutted around. Not a blemish was seen, not a stain ever found.

Then one day by surprise, a great storm hit the sand. Thunder, lightning and winds…blew right through the land. When the chaos was over, they all came out to look. To their sadness they found, their white garments it took!

The seamstress looked up as she held back the tears. They lost all she had sewn, for all of those years! But this seamstress you see, could turn bad into good. She just had to bring joy, to this sweet neighborhood.

She collected the pieces that were split, torn and frayed. She found all that was left of the garments she’d made. Looking for answers, she let out a sigh… “I need a MIRACLE” she wept, as she looked to the sky.

In an instant she knew, she’d found help on that day. Her mind fresh with ideas, she had thought of a way! She picked up some yarn, and she washed it in soap. Then all of the sudden, it was colored with HOPE!

She stitched on another, KINDNESS tinted the string. It was awesome to watch, she’d never seen such a thing! With all of this color, the yarn came alive. STRENGTH and COURAGE brought texture, it made the yarn thrive!

She watched JOY and CONTENTMENT create glorious hues. Red, yellow and green, and the most wonderful blues! The yarn ball was growing, be it ever so big… it was vibrant and ready. She would zag and she’d zig!

She wove each piece together, with oodles of LOVE. She created a hat, then a scarf, then a glove! “This yarn is MAGIC!” she screeched with a smile. Then she went out to share, she ran over a mile!

She handed out garments to each person she found. And when word got out, they came from all ’round! Everyone called out “Your wonders don’t cease! We loved your white things but these- WOW! Masterpiece!”

So from that great day, not a soul left uncovered, with uniqueness and color…since that yarn was discovered. “Who knew that such beauty and strength could here grow?”…they sing, as they dance…

…like a giant rainbow!

The end.

The women in the shelters get a scarf and the story behind the Magic Yarn that they are made of. She shipped out her first batch this week, and she sent me a scarf.

That’s where JOY was found today!


(Hope you enjoyed the rhyme. I felt a bit like Dr. Seuss writing it!)


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