Tell the Story

Everything Changed

Everything changed on that warm autumn eve,

Darkness hid behind a billion stars.

Iridescent streams pirouetted past,

The wind hummed like a thousand guitars.

Leaves tussled to mask their fragility,

Exposed by the penetrating beams,

Then consented with grace, and surrendered,

Nothing is quite as it seems.

The mystic haze whispered a warning cry,

To the hearts that would soon be converged,

Unaware of the loss that would be mourned,

When the beautiful woman emerged.

A part of my soul was lost on that night,

My sweet vixen, she had tears in her eyes,

In human form, she would forget us soon,

So in silence, we said our goodbyes.


While I was off camping, msjadeli at Tao Talk tagged me to “Tell The Story” (or write a poem) about the image below. Everything Changed was my story.

The Dancer

The music begins as I close my eyes.
I feel the wind,
as the curtains rise.
To my partners arms,
I approach with grace.
I feel his hair brush across my face.
Caught in the moment,
only we exist.
Heads all turn,
as our bodies twist.
He lifts me with ease,
and I touch the sky,
imagining clouds are drifting by.
I’ve choreographed this scene on the stage,
we stop in time,
as I search the page.
A tear finds its way,
things aren’t what they seem.
My eyes are now open.
it was only a dream