Floyd’s Place

-Barbershop Tales-


Secrets were never safe in the town of Jagger Hills. Gossip traveled so fast that the phone lines buzzed. Tourists – who didn’t know any better – would often duck and run, believing that a swarm of bees was overhead. Then, after a while, people got tired, or hurt, or just plain angry, and they all stopped talking. For about six months, the phone lines were silent. That’s about the time that Floyd’s moved in.

Floyd’s was the town’s first (and only) barber shop, and Floyd’s reputation grew about as fast as gossip used to travel. It wasn’t just the haircuts that people were raving about, either. What really had the town buzzing again was the fact that Floyd was a great listener. And, as rumor had it, he assured every new client that their secrets were safe with him. “What’s said in the shop, stays in the shop,” he would say.

And so the story begins.


Well… I’m on the letter “F” right now and I thought that Floyd’s Place would be a good way to ease my way back into fiction. It’s a slow and short start (as you can see!), but I think it will be a fun and entertaining story full of “quick to read” snippets.

I had a good time creating the illustration for this as well – and I’m looking forward to some more ‘in the salon’ artwork.

That’s about all for now. I hope you enjoyed the intro – and I’ll see you again soon for Chapter One of the story… and the letter “G.”

Until later,
Peace & Love!

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