The Visitor

I look down at these tiny people,

And I am bewildered.

A strange race, these humans.

Bickering, name calling, violence.

So much anger, too much hate.

Not just here… in this city I am visiting,

It appears to be worldwide.

And in this thing they call Twitter.

So evil, the things they say.

Too unkind.

I want to go home now…

Please beam me up.

Ok, this was random. My goal today was to create the large woman – which was a series of outlines that I then filled with fabric, in Photoshop. But then I went crazy with some HDR and oil paint, and now you can’t even see my hard work.

I found the original photograph (of the people protesting), and then I added my woman; the giant. I am going to come back to her later, and show her in her original state, because it was an interesting project. And she looked pretty cool.

That’s actually a camera in her hand, but I decided last minute that it was a radio to her home, or starship… E.T. phone home, I guess.

I saw the Word of the Day Challenge: Worldwide, and this was what I came up with. There’s some truth here, but it was actually written in fun (on my end, anyway). My sense of humor has gone a bit ape lately, so much of what I’m writing these days is for the sake of keeping myself amused – and it seems to be working. So far, so good. Hopefully you find some fun, enjoyment, or entertainment in it all.

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading or stopping by!

Until later,

P.S. I forgot to mention. I added the part about Twitter because I go there a few times a week for a few specific reasons and by the time I close the app… I really do feel like I just stepped out of some weird alternate universe.

Fear Not

Fear, like the dragon,

Guards the entrance to beyond,

Where magic awaits.

I got really excited when I saw the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Dragon & Magic, mainly because I wanted to do another stained glass art piece with a dragon.

I think this one is not really glass though, it’s more like metal… but that kind of goes along with the haiku. The door beyond fear is not glass, it’s probably more like heavy duty steel.

Anyway, I’m a bit tired tonight (this morning), so I’m cutting things short. I’m trying to do “one thing a day”—a creation, some kind of writing, or whatever else it might be—so I’ve been staying up WAY too late to accomplish my goal.

So… that’s about all for now. I made it another day, yahoo…

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my dragon and haiku!


The Giant

In search of answers,

Giant gnome begins to chant,

“Where are my cauldrons?”

…gnome… gnome… gnome…

I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been dying to write a haiku, or some other kind of writing challenge and – in the wee hours of the night with one eye open this is all I could come up with. I’m not sure if it’s funny-funny, or one of those “so dumb it’s funny” kind of things, but it made me laugh and I hope it makes you laugh too. It’s good to start the week with a smile.

Peace & Love!!

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Gnome & Pots