The Antagonist

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As it turned out, Scarlett was right. A few blocks from her hotel, in a discreet little warehouse,  bundles of red rose buds were being stored. Scarlett’s antagonist – George’s mother, that is – had managed to track her down and then follow her to Hollywood. 

She wasn’t going to let Scarlett get away with what she had done – she was going to make her pay! On the sly, Mrs. Moodie was flagging people down on the street, and offering them money if they would cart the flowers around to various locations. These unsuspecting pawns, as she liked to call them, had no clue as to her motives, but they were more than willing to take her money – and the roses, as well.

Scarlett had been institutionalized when she was a young girl, diagnosed as having a delusional disorder. Specifically, paranoia. Mrs. Moodie was one of the few people who knew this, and she would use Scarlett’s past to her advantage. 

“I’ll make her believe she’s crazy.” Mrs. Moonie smirked to herself. “That’ll teach her!”

Needless to say, things continued to get worse for poor Scarlett. The red rose bud sightings continued for weeks, and – although she was completely unaware of Mrs. Moodie’s plot – she remained adamant that someone was playing games with her.

Determined to get to the bottom of it, Scarlett vowed to stick it out – to stay in Hollywood – until the truth could be uncovered.


Sadly, the plot here is getting a little convoluted. I know what I’m thinking, and it might make for a good story in some other scenario, but I think that Scarlett’s situation here is getting too messy. She should have just connected with Charlie and lived happily ever after. Ha!

So, unless some brainstorm comes to me in my sleep tonight – I might just move on to something fresh and new in the morning.

What I was really excited about was illustrating Mrs. Moodie. I enjoyed this one – far better than the story itself. I like the blend of evil and beauty – she’s a bit of a Cruella.

Anyway, maybe it’s just a spell of writer’s block. So… we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, though! I hope you found something enjoyable here.

Until later,

Word of the Day Challenge: Antagonist

Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad stories in a row.

Ray Bradbury