In the Calm

Your life will be in order when disorder ceases to bother you.

James Pierce

No story tonight… sorry. I’m just not in the mood today. And I’m not sure how far I want to take these characters. I’ll do some more thinking about it tomorrow.

Quite a while ago, my sister gave me some frames that have a wire inside and some miniature clothespins so that you can clip a couple of photos inside of the frame. I decided that it would be a great space for some of my artwork – so I’m putting together ideas. I have weird blues in my room so I wanted to experiment with sea or nautical themes.

I found some boat art and picked out a scene that I liked. I also sent it through the BeCasso app for oil paint effects – and then to Photoshop for some texture. What do you think? I like it because it’s colorful, but it’s also calm. Man, I’d love to be in that boat right now.

Some time ago I was going to offer tips or things that I learned in my classes, but once I decided to go forward with the idea I couldn’t seem to remember a thing that I’d been taught. Ha!

But… I had one graphic design teacher who was a really tough grader. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked having him as an instructor, but as I got to know him – I found some of the things he said pretty valuable.

I would be hard on myself, and say things like “I can’t draw!” or “I’m just not creative!” Well… I can’t draw, and that is a truth. I know I could learn – and one day I will – but for now illustration is more about finding ideas and then putting my own version of them onto the computer, with my mouse, using lines, curves and shapes.

Anyway, that’s not the point I was getting at. What this instructor said to me was that when you get into graphic design, you start to notice the things that you ‘can’ do – and then you practice those techniques and work on creating your own little style, or niche.

I love what he said because it’s so true. Even in life. I often catch myself dreaming of being something I’m not. Like a professional photographer (even though I have a basic beginners camera) or a painter (even though I never pick up a brush) or… whatever else it is that sounds good to me at the time (like in that boat even though I’ve never sailed).

It’s still valuable to try those things out, of course, but to feel disappointed because I’m not as good as I’d like to be is so counterproductive. And kind of depressing. So, when he said that it was like taking in a breath of fresh air – and some real common sense – find out what you ‘can’ do, and work on ‘that’.

I’m not really sure why I shared that. I guess because it’s probably what kept me going with Illustrator, and I enjoy it so much. And I’m probably 100% better than I was when I took that class several years ago. I can’t compare my images to people who are really, really great… but I can be happy with what I was able to do. And that’s enough.

As I’m writing this, I can’t help but think that writing is one of those things that I ‘can’ do. Not great, but well enough to believe that if I practice, practice, practice… and find my own little style or niche… I could get really comfortable with it. That being said, I think I will work on my story tomorrow. See! I just needed to give myself a little pep talk.

That’s about all for now, I think.

Thanks for viewing… I hope you enjoyed the calm!


  1. Love the boat and quote! AND your writing….. waiting for another story but don’t worry, I will just occupy myself with all I’ve yet to see on your beautiful website!

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