The Visitor

I look down at these tiny people,

And I am bewildered.

A strange race, these humans.

Bickering, name calling, violence.

So much anger, too much hate.

Not just here… in this city I am visiting,

It appears to be worldwide.

And in this thing they call Twitter.

So evil, the things they say.

Too unkind.

I want to go home now…

Please beam me up.

Ok, this was random. My goal today was to create the large woman – which was a series of outlines that I then filled with fabric, in Photoshop. But then I went crazy with some HDR and oil paint, and now you can’t even see my hard work.

I found the original photograph (of the people protesting), and then I added my woman; the giant. I am going to come back to her later, and show her in her original state, because it was an interesting project. And she looked pretty cool.

That’s actually a camera in her hand, but I decided last minute that it was a radio to her home, or starship… E.T. phone home, I guess.

I saw the Word of the Day Challenge: Worldwide, and this was what I came up with. There’s some truth here, but it was actually written in fun (on my end, anyway). My sense of humor has gone a bit ape lately, so much of what I’m writing these days is for the sake of keeping myself amused – and it seems to be working. So far, so good. Hopefully you find some fun, enjoyment, or entertainment in it all.

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading or stopping by!

Until later,

P.S. I forgot to mention. I added the part about Twitter because I go there a few times a week for a few specific reasons and by the time I close the app… I really do feel like I just stepped out of some weird alternate universe.

The Fall

Fiction & Illustration

The Return of Scarlett

While Harris, the chauvinistic film producer, was busy wooing Mrs. Moodie, Scarlett was busy with Alec, the gentleman from the gala. Mrs. Moodie’s revenge plot had been put on hold, for the time being, but her anger still festered.

It wasn’t the fact that Scarlett had left her son, George, standing at the altar that enraged her – it was that Scarlett had taken the money Mrs. Moodie had offered her to marry him, a dowry of sorts, and then ran off with it – unwed.

Mrs. Moodie’s net worth hadn’t suffered from the loss; it was her pride that had been stung. She felt that she had been scammed, and no one scams Mrs. Moodie. NO ONE. Only a fool would even try.

Meanwhile, Scarlet was falling in love. Alec was everything she had ever dreamed of, causing her to feel even worse about poor George. She hadn’t planned to run out on him as she did, and it was for his own sake that she did – she believed. A loveless marriage would have done him no good at all.

After only weeks of courting, under the cover of a moonlit night, Alex proposed to Scarlett and, undoubtedly, she said yes. Neither one wanted to wait long, as they yearned to be husband and wife, so they chose a date just one week out – and the wedding plans began.

The ceremony was quite elaborate. An oceanside Golf Resort was the venue, so the grounds were fragrant and plush. Every type of flower you could imagine – with the exception of red rose buds, of course – was strung about the greens in a quaint and delicate fashion. 

White folding chairs were placed in perfectly lined rows, as if they stood at attention, and a large decorated arbor was positioned at the end of a grassy aisle. The guests were led to their seats by young male ushers, while a handful of girls ran frantically to and fro – as they helped the bride prepare.

Harris was at home, preoccupied with some online shopping – purchasing a top of the line stove for Mrs. Moonie, no less – so Mrs. Moonie snuck out for her weekly hair appointment. It was there, in the beauty salon, that she learned of Scarlett’s wedding, which would be taking place within the hour. 

“This cannot happen!” she cried, running out of the salon with her hair still wound in curlers. Mrs. Moonie made it to the Golf Resort quickly, as it was just minutes away, but the ceremony itself was on the edge of the grounds, near the ocean, and she would never make it on foot.

Mrs. Moonie tossed some old golfers from their cart, launched herself inside, and hit the gas. Her timing was impeccable. She came barreling across the greens just in time to hear the minister speak: “Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace”

“I object, I object!” She yelled. “Stop this wedding… that woman is a fraud!”

The guests all gasped, a fearful look upon their faces. Not because of what she had said, mind you, but because she and the golf cart were headed toward the cliffs. Before anyone could utter a word, Mrs. Moonie and the cart were gone.


Perhaps to be continued, perhaps not. Maybe Scarlett will live happily ever after, as every girl dreams, or maybe there are more surprises in store. We just don’t know for sure.

I decided that these impromptu word prompt stories are much more fun than having an agenda, and the characters are already somewhat illustrated so it only takes minor tweaking. That’s a real time saver!

Maybe it’s not a good idea to add all of my thoughts after my stories, but it makes me feel as though I’m saying “hello” – and keeping up with my social skills. I’m still working on getting around to catch up on everyone else’s work… so, in case I haven’t visited you yet… “hello!”

Anyway, that’s about all for tonight.

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed!

Pride cometh before the fall… and the golf cart came tumbling after.


Word of the Day Challenge: Gas

Daily Spur Word Prompt: Appointment

Sand Castles

Haiku & Photo Art

Fleeting memories,

Building castles in the sand,

Smell of sun tan oil.

Colored umbrellas,

Wet seashells in my pocket,

Salty ocean breeze.

Pizza and soda,

Surfers looking for “the” wave,

Orange and pink sunset.

Kids laugh, lovers smile,

Beach life offers brief reprieve,

Fleeting memories.

Now that I’m out of “story mode,” I wanted to try something different with images. This is another combo piece – a photo that I took at the beach melded with a (somewhat) transparent illustration.

I did several versions of the image and I’m not sure I selected the best, but I think that the “ghostly” woman pairs well with the haiku. I added blur to the initial piece and I hope it didn’t cause too much pixilation… so don’t zoom in… haha!

The haiku was written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Smile & Life. It’s the first time that I’ve ever written one with more than three lines, and I have to say that I rather enjoyed it. Maybe some rules were broken, I don’t know. But that’s what beach life is like.

Anyway, it was fun to sit back and think of what you see and hear at the beach. I could have gone on forever, but… I think I covered most of the good stuff.

That’s about all for now.

Thank you for reading, or viewing… I hope you enjoyed something here!

Until later,