Eyes on the Ball

On top of the world,

The world’s at your fingertips,

Keep eyes on the ball.

The featured image is a fun little composite piece that I made for my haiku. It was originally about “insignificance,” but the man on top looked too large to be unimportant. An oversized ego perhaps!

As it turns out, I think the haiku is about staying focused. We can do much more than we think, but only if we remain calm & balanced. No worries there, they’ve just ordered another shut-down so I won’t be overdoing anything anytime soon.

Maybe I can learn how to spin a basketball?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Finger & Planet


    1. No a shutdown of restaurants, gyms, salons, etc. They were just starting to open and the gov shut it all down again. I seriously want to take a backpacking trip in the mountains. It is the perfect time. But I think I’m too old for that lol.


    2. Oh yes–I guess a lot of us are impatient to have “normal” life again, with things open that we enjoy–but the virus is persistent and deadly. Maybe you’re not too old to take a little hike?? Getting away would do you good–you work so hard, at everything 🙂 ❤

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    3. Haha! No we traveled together before. I think that was enough for him. No worries. I need to graduate first! One more year.


    4. Oh gosh, I’ll bet there’s a great story re traveling with your son… I love your goals, you inspire me daily!


    1. No, I go to school. My.part time jobs have been down since March. They just shut down anything that is entertaining. Gyms, salons, indoor eating etc. How is it in Vegas? Are those types of businesses open? For the special effects I use Smart Photo Editor. I love it!!

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    2. OK, thanks! The fun things are where humans gather so closely, we are a very social specie! As far as I know, there are a few casinos and/or venues open along the Strip, but honestly, I avoid the news in general hence I am not sure. I avoid the Strip anyway.

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  1. Great image! It goes so well with the haiku. Although, it feels like the world is on top of us these days, or at least has the upper hand. Hang in there…what else can we do? 💕

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    1. Thank you and yes I know it does feel like that. I think I’m doing the old recovery trick… act “as if.” Let’s see if it works. 😂


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