A New Angle

If our pain doesn’t destroy us, it might just transform us into truly human beings at last.

Frederick Buechner

I’m not very good at finishing books. I’d say that I’m halfway through 4 or 5 at the moment; maybe more. One in particular, A Crazy, Holy Grace: The Healing Power of Pain and Memory, by Frederick Buechner, has been on my mind quite a bit this past week.

In the part I’ve been thinking about, Buechner writes about what we do with the hand we’re dealt in life. He shares his ideas about sloth as “not really making use of what happens to you,” and “burying what you might have made something out of.” In other words, do you slip what you’ve been though under the rug, and carry on as if nothing ever happened to you? Or do you take that experience and make something meaningful out of it?

First of all, I always thought that sloth was just sheer laziness; lounging around and enjoying leisure time (kind of like the sloth pictured here).

Image by Christina Wendlandt from Pixabay

It was comforting to see sloth the way that Buechner does, especially now that I REALLY have time to lounge around (kind of like that sloth pictured there). And aren’t we all trying to make the most of what we’ve been dealt right now—even if that means accepting the simple fact that we have some extra leisure time right now?

I know this is a strange story, and you probably wonder what the point of it is anyway… but what I’m getting at is that the story made me thankful for WRITERS; People like Buechner that spill it all out on the page and let the rest of us try to make sense of it all.

Novelists, journalists, bloggers, poets (to name a few)… we’re all doing it. Scribbling down our thoughts and sending them out into the world. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable; trying to make a difference; using our experiences to encourage others; sharing the talents we’ve been given; even adding some whimsy and lighthearted humor to help cheer others up. That’s what it’s all about!

So yes… yes indeed. Today I am thankful for writers.

God bless you everyone… Thank you for reading, and Write on!


This is the first in my newest series during the social distancing rule here in the States: A Daily Gratitude.

Black and White Blossoms


Before I dig into any New Lifestyle, New Me updates, I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had on this COVID-19 dilemma, social distancing, and how it’s helping me come up with some new ideas.

Staying away from crowds, as I’ve mentioned, hasn’t been difficult. Dealing with the recent rains, on the other hand, was pretty tough! Especially when I finally had my step counter on, and had nowhere to go—but around, in circles—inside our (not so large) house.

Now… however, the sky is blue and I’ve never been so happy to get outside, breath in some fresh air, and feel the warm sun hit my face. All I can think of is that Cinderella song… Don’t know what you got (Til it’s gone).

I don’t know how to phrase it exactly, a wake-up call maybe? Like stop your complaining about silly little things because things could always be worse… much, much worse, in fact. It seems like we’re being called to reevaluate priorities, and revisit our gratitude lists. Well, it feels that way to me.

That being said, I thought I’d add something new to the mix. For every day that I’m here at home—under the social distancing rule—besides working on my Lifestyle Changes, I’m going to add a new gratitude post.

I don’t think there could be a better time for expressing a little thankfulness.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stay tuned!

The featured photograph was taken in my backyard. I’ve been taking my camera out there a lot. I sit in a chair in the sun and look around, waiting for things to catch my eye (many more to come). They are actually blooms on my son’s ornamental cabbage that has bolted. I love the way everything grows and flows so freely, nature is so fluid.

As the Crow flies

Dignified hunter,

The dark ruler of the sky,

Wings spread, you’ll fly… high.

I captured this crow in our neighbors tree the other day and decided he was worth the (computer) time and struggle. He was all alone—practicing social distancing I suppose—and we connected for a minute or two before he lifted his wings for this farewell pose and sailed off.

Life is good and God is great!