My Night Life

Tonight I experimented in the dark, and I think it’s my cup of tea!  I captured the top of our Flowering Plum and the bare Pansy Redbud to see how they looked with the night sky as their backdrop (which apparently is just black).

I’ve always been a night owl, so this really makes me happy. With my gallivanting days behind me—keeping myself entertained after dark is important.

God is great, and life is good!


    1. Thanks! And Amen to the nights alone with God. I thought about your midnight walk/photos when I was posting this, and thought…hmmm… now I get it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Marcus! Always looking forward to seeing what you do next. 🙂 I’ll definitely pursue the outdoors at night more often now. This is exciting! Have a blessed night!

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